How to deal with Family and Friends that don’t support your dreams

Doesn’t it suck when your family and your closest friend don’t believe in what you’re doing? I mean they are your fucking family and friends. Aren’t they supposed to be your pillar of support and not fucking quicksand?

My advice is to not give a fuck and continue doing what you’re doing. It’s tough. I get it. I really do.

Here’s the thing. Even if you fail, you know you didn’t give up. You gave it a shot. You know what sucks x100 more than failing? The one and only “what if?

I won’t deny I have my moments of doubt in my journey. But one thing that always kept me going is knowing that if I give up I wouldn’t be able to live without the daily suicidal thought of “what if?”

“What if I didn’t give up and pushed through those tough times? Would I already be a rockstar? I wonder how my life would be now if I’m a rockstar? Will I be happier? Will I wake up with excitement everyday? Will I have financial freedom?” So many “what ifs” and “will i”, only to get woken up from your daydream by your boss shouting at you to get back to work, at the job your mother is so very proud of.

And when you’re fucking broke as shit and doubting your dreams, your best friend Sally, and your mom that loves you so much tells you your dream is stupid and you should be realistic. Yes I understand they want to protect you blah and blah. However, the truth is, they simply don’t believe in you. Harsh but true. It’s not that your dream to become a footballer or world class ballet dancer is not possible. Heck. It’s much easier than becoming a parent. But what they don’t believe in, is your capabilities.

So prove it to them. There’s nothing that motivates me more than people telling me I can’t. AND, WHO THE FUCK ARE THEY TO TELL YOU HOW TO LEAD YOUR LIFE. No disrespect, but even your parents shouldn’t tell you how to lead your life. If you’re parents aren’t successful and aren’t in a position you would want to be, what makes you think following their advice would lead you to where you would wanna be?

So tell mummy sorry, but she won’t get to boast to her friends how her son is a doctor. But give me a little longer and you can tell your friends your son is a fucking king.



Drummer. Hustler. Asian.

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